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Lakai | Newport Hi - White/Grey Suede


  • $ 68.00

This seasons Newport Hi features the Rob Welsh Heritage Edition colorways, with a nod to Rob’s stylish aesthetic and a tribute to Pier 7 where Rob filmed some of his most iconic footage.

Rob has always been a fan of high tops. So naturally he gravitates to the Newport Hi. His collection consists of two colorways, white with subtle grey highlights and green suede.

In the 2000’s Rob was known to be seen in oversized sweatpants. The white suede features a lightweight sweatpant material liner as a comfortable nod to his sweatpant days. The grey speckled outsole bottom is inspired by the heavily skated waxed cement ledges at the Pier. The subtle cement-like texture on the flare reflects the surface of manual pads. Rob finished the colorway by designing the inner label, using part of Flare to make the “7” for Pier 7.


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